Guanglin Liu

Work place: Institute of Disaster Prevention Science & Safety Technology, Central South Univ., Changsha Hunan 410075, China



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Guanglin Liu Place of Birth: Liaocheng City of Shandong Province in China Educational background: (1) Institute of Disaster Prevention Science and Safety Technology of Central South University in China, BEng of Fire Protection Engineering, 2008; (2) Institute of Disaster Prevention Science and Safety Technology of Central South University in China, Master candidate of Fire Protection Engineering, 2008

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Simplified Model for Fire Resistance Analysis on Steel Staggered-truss System under Lateral Force

By Changkun Chen Dong Zhang Guanglin Liu

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Nov. 2010

In order to investigate the simplified method for the fire resistance analysis on the steel staggered-truss system (SSTS) under the lateral force, a three-dimensional (3-D) model, a plane cooperative (PC) model and a planar model are established by the finite element method respectively. The effect of slabs is considered in the models. The mechanical performances of SSTS at elevated temperature were analyzed and the interaction characteristics between the truss exposed to fire and its adjacent trusses are studied. The results obtained by the above different models were comparatively investigated to explore the applicability of different models for the analysis of SSTS under lateral force and high temperature. The results indicate that the adjacent trusses in SSTS under lateral force could keep good coordination at elevated temperature. When applied to the analysis for SSTS under lateral force at elevated temperature, the 3-D model is the best in accord with actual situation while it is complicated and the computation is time-consuming, and the planar model is simple and convenient while it may cause some considerable deviation, and the PC model could simulate the interactions between adjacent frame truss and the truss under fire effectively in the SSTS, whose result is in the propinquity of 3-D model and has an acceptable accuracy. The PC model without rigidly hinged bars (RHB) on the fire floor is recommended to analyze the fire response behaviors of staggered-steel truss system under lateral force.

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