Li De-sheng

Work place: Mechanical and Electronic Technology Research Centre Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, China



Research Interests: Engineering, Computational Engineering, Computational Science and Engineering


Li Desheng, male, is a Professor at the the Mechanical & Electronic Technology Research Center majoring in Test & Control Technology in the Beijing University of Technology. His research interests is control Engineering and MEMS

Author Articles
Automatic Image Segmentation Base on Human Color Perceptions

By Yu Li-jie Li De-sheng Zhou Guan-ling

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Oct. 2009

In this paper we propose a color image segmentation algorithm based on perceptual color vision model. First, the original image is divide into image blocks which are not overlapped; then, the mean and variance of every image back was calculated in CIEL*a*b* color space, and the image blocks were divided into homogeneous color blocks and texture blocks by the variance of it. The initial seed regions are automatically selected depending on calculating the homogeneous color blocks' color difference in CIEL*a*b* color space and spatial information. The color contrast gradient of the texture blocks need to calculate and the edge information are stored for regional growing. The fuzzy region growing algorithm and coloredge detection to obtain a final segmentation map. The experimental segmentation results hold favorable consistency in terms of human perception, and confirm effectiveness of the algorithm.

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