Fahrad H. Pashayev

Work place: Institute of Control Systems of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Baku, AZ1141, Azerbaijan



Research Interests: Models of Computation, Information Systems, Computer systems and computational processes


Pashayev Fahrad Haydar graduated from Azerbaijan State University (now Baku State University) in 1975. PhD in Engineering since 20 July, 2011, Doctor of Sciences in Engineering since 26 May 2017, Ass.prof. since 17.04.2019. Author of 146 scientific works. His research interests are ─░dentification methods and control systems; Mathematical modeling of technological processes, technical and ecological systems; methods of signal recognition and technical diagnostic systems; decision-making methods in systems of different purpose.

Author Articles
Determination Method of Some Operational Characteristics of Information Search System in Directive Document Database

By Fahrad H. Pashayev Sevinj E. Pashayeva Jahangir M. Jafarov Pashayev I. Farhad

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5815/ijmsc.2020.03.01, Pub. Date: 8 Jun. 2020

The article provides a method for determining some of the operational characteristics of the information search engine in the Directive document database. During this time the life cycle of the system was studied, the schedule of time dependence of the system interruptions intensity was studied. The article states that although there are many interruptions and malfunctions at the start of operation, they are rapidly decreasing over time, and the interruption during the system's normal operation period is random. During the last wear and breakdown of system operation, the intensity of interruptions begins to increase. It also lists one of the possible structures of information search engine relationships. In practice, the basic structure of medium-sized information search engine relations in directive document databases can be represented in the article. Although the Database is located on a local network, the system may have different sources of information and can be located both on the local network and on the global Internet. Monitoring of information search engine operations is organized on the system server. According to the monitoring results, some operational characteristics of the system are calculated and refined over time.

During the monitoring process, various operating characteristics are calculated, starting with the commissioning of the system. This includes the total number of queries, the number of successful and failed surveys, the time intervals between different types of surveys and survey results. such as settings. These parameters calculate the experimental operation characteristics of the information search engine in the directive document database. The calculated characteristics become clearer with time and approach their theoretical estimates. Therefore, it will take some time before the practical results are obtained. However, the results obtained in the article can be used successfully from the start of system operation.

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