Nur Hadisukmana

Work place: Faculty of Computing, President University, Indonesia



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Nur Hadisukmana, received Bachelor degree from University of Indonesia ad Master degree from Oklahoma State University. Currently working as a Lecturer in the Faculty of Computing, President University, Indonesia.

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An Approach of Securing Data using Combined Cryptography and Steganography

By Rosalina Nur Hadisukmana

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Feb. 2020

The recent advance in information technology field forcing us to ensure the privacy of the digital data. It is very important to develop the method that may satisfy the needs. Many methods/techniques applied to reach that goal. One of efficient way to reach that secrecy can be achieved by combining Cryptography and Steganography. In this paper, a new RGB shuffling method proposed. The concept of encryption using RGB Shuffling is shuffling all of RGB element to distort the image. RGB Shuffling method will shuffle the RGB each pixel of image depends on the input password from user. The basic step of RGB shuffling is adding RGB element with ASCII password, invers and shuffle it. 

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