Galina Shevchenko

Work place: Department of Mathematics, State University of Telecommunication, Kyiv, Ukraine



Research Interests: Computer Science & Information Technology, Information Security, Combinatorial Optimization, Information Theory, Theory of Computation


Galina Shevchenko was born on September 9, 1963. She received PhD degree from the State University of Telecommunications, in 2016.

She graduated from the Kyiv State University in 1985 (Kyiv, Ukraine). Pedagogical activity: Senior lecturer in the National Technical Univercity “KPI”, Senior lecturer in the National Aviation University and Kyiv National Economik University. Since 2014 she has been working in the State University of Telecommunication as a Senior Lecturer and a docent of the Mathematics Department. Her research interests ‒ information technology, optimization of decision-making.

Author Articles
Information Technology of Targeting: Optimization of Decision Making Process in a Competitive Environment

By Oleg Barabash Galina Shevchenko Natalia Dakhno Olena Neshcheret Andrii Musienko

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Dec. 2017

A concept targeting information technology is considered. The model of selection of the optimal amount of advertising on various Internet resources, in order to maximize the desired reach to the target audience is analyzed which. This model is different from traditional. A chance constrained target programming model was developed after considering the parameter that corresponds to reach for different media as random variables. The random variables in this case has been considered as the values with known mean and standard deviation. The reachability parameter can be determined by finding the ideal solution and the law on which the parameter values change. The method of multicriteria optimization is examined with determination of resulting objective function, which allows to consider various aspects of the problems of media choice and optimal budgeting and budget allocation simultaneously to get a satisfactory solution of the problem.

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