Sivaraj Chinnasamy

Work place: Department of Computer Applications, National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, 620015, INDIA



Research Interests: Computer Networks, Network Architecture


Mr. Sivaraj C is a PhD scholar in the Department of Computer Applications at National Institute of Technology (NITT), Tiruchirappalli -15, India. He received MCA degree from Anna University, Tamil Nadu, India. His research interests include the areas of wireless ad-hoc and wireless sensor networks.

Author Articles
Self-Load Balanced Clustering Algorithm for Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks

By Sivaraj Chinnasamy Alphonse P J A Janakiraman T N

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Sep. 2017

Energy-efficient routing is an extremely critical issue in unattended, tiny and battery equipped Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). Clustering the network is a promising approach for energy aware routing in WSN, as it has a hierarchical structure. The Connected Dominating Set (CDS) is an appropriate and prominent approach for cluster formation. This paper proposes an Energy-efficient Self-load Balanced Clustering algorithm (SLBC) for routing in WSN. SLBC has two phases: The first phase clusters the network by constructing greedy connected dominating set and the nodes are evenly distributed among them, using the defined parent ļ¬tness cost. The second phase performs data manipulations and new on-demand re-clustering. The efficiency of the proposed algorithm is analysed through simulation study. The obtained results show that SLBC outperforms than the recent algorithms like GSTEB and DGA-EBCDS in terms of network lifetime, CDS size, load dissemination, and efficient energy utilization of the network.

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