Dhanya K.M.

Work place: Dept. of Computer Science& Engineering, Pondicherry Engineering College, Puducherry-605 014, India

E-mail: dhanyakm@pec.edu


Research Interests: Computational Science and Engineering, Computer systems and computational processes, Theoretical Computer Science, Data Structures and Algorithms


Dhanya K.M. received her B.Tech in Information Technology and M.Tech in Software Engineering from Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kerala. She worked as Lecturer in College of Engineering, Munnar, Kerala. She is Assistant Professor in Department of Information Technology, Government Engineering College, Palakkad, Kerala and currently doing research in Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Pondicherry Engineering College, Puducherry. She is Member of ISTE, India.

Author Articles
Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem: Solution by Ant Colony Optimization with Hybrid Immigrant Schemes

By Dhanya K.M. S.Kanmani

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5815/ijisa.2017.07.06, Pub. Date: 8 Jul. 2017

During past decades, several Meta-Heuristics were considered by researchers to solve Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem.In this paper, Ant Colony Optimization integrated with Hybrid Immigrant Schemes methods are proposed for solving Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem. Ant Colony Optimization with hybrid immigrant schemes methods namely HIACO-I, HIACO-II and HIACO-III focused on establishing the proper balance between intensification and diversification. The performance evaluation of the algorithms in which Random Immigrants and Elitism based Immigrants were hybridized in different proportions and added to Ant Colony Optimization algorithm showed that they had produced better results in many dynamic test cases generated from three Vehicle Routing Problem instances.

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