Lu Liu

Work place: Bolton Business School, University of Bolton, Bolton, UK



Research Interests: Information Systems, Social Information Systems


Lu Liu is a researcher and a part-time lecturer for the BLIS Research Centre at the University of Bolton, UK. From 1990 to 2000 she has worked as a business analyst and a lecturer for each 5 years in China. From 2001, she has studied and worked in several countries, including Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom . She is interested in the research fields of management information systems, knowledge management and e-learning/training implementation and development. Her research interests have led to a considerable number of high quality publications. She is always looking forward to collaborations from similar ambitions.

Author Articles
E-learning Tools to Improve Students’ Learning Experience: a case study

By Baomin Qi Lu Liu Chengbo Wang

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Oct. 2009

E-learning refers to the way people communicate and learn electronically which has only recently emerged as a key source of competitive advantage in the information society. With the development of the Information and Communication Technologies, E-Learning is argued to become a new and effective learning method and environment besides classroom based learning. Although still an emerging field, many researchers suggest that it offers many benefits that are radically different from a conventional classroom-based learning environment and can still generate result for students. It could be providing independent learning programme for internal students, external students, distant students, and training purpose. However, it is also revealed in literature that E-Learning has been used more indirectly as a tool for organising study courses and educational programmes. The questions such as “can E-Learning be made as a learning strategy” and “can E-Learning replace classroom-based modes of learning and teaching” remain unanswered. This research intends to explore various aspects with regards to how and to what extent E-Learning has been used to improve teaching and learning activities using the University of Bolton as a case study. It also intends to verify the main findings from the literature review via employing a case study approach and hence make comparisons between the national trends of E-Learning usage and the chosen case. The main research findings from this study are presented in this paper.

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