Ling Jiang

Work place: Public English Department, Harbin Normal University, Harbin, P.R. China



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Ling Jiang was born in Harbin in 1977. Ling got her bachelor and master degree of English language and literature respectively from Northeast Forestry University in 2000 and Harbin Normal University in 2005, both of which located in Harbin of P. R. China. She works as a Lecturer in Public English Department of Harbin Normal University. And she has published more than ten articles in journals and co-authored three books. And her research interest is the acquisition of second foreign language. 

Author Articles
Task-based Approach in College English Teaching of Digital-based Context

By Ling Jiang Kai Sun

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Nov. 2010

With the wide employment of modern educational technology, college English teaching is going on a process of replacing traditional educational media with modern ones, which are closely connected with multimedia computers and internet technology to raise its efficiency and quality. However, some problems and challenges still exist in the college English teaching. In order to solve the problems, this article designs a test and collects data to check the effectiveness of the task-based approach within the Internet-assisted multimedia in college English teaching. The results show that Linguistic form was analyzed and practiced with task-based approach which may help the learners notice the linguistic problems and try out new language forms and structures, and that Internet-assisted multimedia has been effective in intriguing learners' interests and greatly enhanced their self-esteem.

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