Nick Z. Zacharis

Work place: Department of Computer Systems Engineering, Piraeus University of Applied Sciences, 12244, Greece



Research Interests: Computer Science & Information Technology, Information Systems, Multimedia Information System


Nick Z. Zacharis is an Associate  Professor of Computer Science in Piraeus University of Applied Sciences. He received a BE from the Hellenic Air Force Academy and an MSc in intelligent systems from the University of Plymouth, UK. In 2002, he received his Phd degree in computer science from the Piraeus University, Greece. He teaches courses related to web programming, machine learning, and e-learning tools and technologies. His primary research interests involve the information extraction from the student activities during their interaction with educational technology systems as well as the development of intelligent systems to monitor and support students during the educational process.

Author Articles
Classification and Regression Trees (CART) for Predictive Modeling in Blended Learning

By Nick Z. Zacharis

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Mar. 2018

Today, Internet and Web technologies not only provide students opportunities for flexible interactivity with study materials, peers and instructors, but also generate large amounts of usage data that can be processed and reveal behavioral patterns of study and learning. This study analyzed data extracted from a Moodle-based blended learning course, to build a student model that predicts course performance. CART decision tree algorithm was used to classify students and predict those at risk, based on the impact of four online activities: message exchanging, group wiki content creation, course files opening and online quiz taking. The overall percentage of correct classifications was about 99.1%, proving the model sensitive to identify very specific groups at risk.

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