Ru Li

Work place: School of Environmental Science and Spatial Informatics China University of Mining and Technology Xuzhou, China



Research Interests: Computational Engineering, Software Engineering, Information Systems, Geographic Information System, Information Theory, Engineering


Ru Li, was born in PingChuan country in China’s province GaSu in 1987 April 19th. From September 2005 to September 2009 he was studied in School of Environmental Science and spatial Informatics of China University of Mining and Technology and got the bachelor’s degree of Geographic Information System. In September 2009 he became a Master in the same University to endeavor the degree of Cartography and Geographic Information Engineering. 

Author Articles
Study on Overburden’s Destructive Rules Based on Similar Material Simulation

By Ruyu Zheng Kan WU Ru Li

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Oct. 2011

Analysis on the current research status, this article studies on the dynamic subsidence principles of overburden rock strata during coal mining based on similar material simulation test. Close ranged industrial photogram metric system was introduced to collect data. After coordinate transformation, matching and model amendment, dynamic subsidence curves which can be used to analyze the continuity characteristics of overburden subsidence, changes of boundary angle and displacement angle, volume transferring law from rock to surface, etc. were got. The result is useful in further study of the dynamic rule of overburden strata and enriches mining subsidence principles.

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