Ligeng Si

Work place: Department of Mathematics , Inner Mongolia Normal University, Huhhot 010020, Inner Mongolia , China



Research Interests: Applied computer science, Computability Theory, Computational Complexity Theory


Ligeng Si was born in Huhhot, Inner Mongolia, China in 1931. He received the B.S. degree in mathematics from Hebei Normal University, Shijiazhuang, China in 1958. His main research interests include stability theory and applied mathematics. Now he is a professer and Masteral Adviser of Inner Mongolia Normal University. He is the author or coauther of many journal paper and three edited books and a revie-wer of Mathematical Reviews. 

Author Articles
Stabilitty of Anti-periodic Solutions for Certain Shunting Inhibitory Cellular Neural Networks

By Huiyan Kang Ligeng Si

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Oct. 2011

In this paper, the existence and exponential stability of anti-periodic solutions for shunting inhibitory cellular neural networks (SICNNs) with continuously distributed delays are considered by constructing suitable Lyapunov fuctions and applying some critial analysis techniques. Our results remove restrictive conditions of the global Lipschitz and bounded conditions of activation functions and new sufficient conditions ensuring the exist-ence and exponential stability of anti-periodic solutions for SICNNs are obtained. Moreover, an example is given to illustrate the feasibility of the conditions in our results.

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