Atheel K. Abdulzahra

Work place: Department of Computer Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Basrah, Basrah, Iraq



Research Interests: Computational Engineering, Computer systems and computational processes, Computer Networks, Engineering


Atheel K. Abdulzahra is currently a Ph. D student in electrical engineering at the University of Basrah. She received her M. Sc. Degree from Basrah University in 2006. Her main research is fuzzy sliding mode control of active suspension systems. She is now a lecturer at Basrah University of computer engineering, Basrah, Iraq.  

Author Articles
Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control Scheme for Vehicle Active Suspension System Optimized by ABC Algorithm

By Atheel K. Abdulzahra Turki Y. Abdalla

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Dec. 2019

This paper suggests a proposed control scheme of fuzzy sliding mode and PID controller tuned with Artiļ¬cial bee colony (ABC) algorithm to control vehicle suspension system. Suspension systems are utilized to provide vehicles safety and improve comfortable driving. The effects of the road roughness transmitted by the tires to the vehicle body can be reduced by using suspension systems. Fuzzy system is used for estimating the unknown parameters and uncertainty in the suspension system components (spring, damper and actuator). This study combines sliding mode with fuzzy strategy to design a robust control method. The ABC technique is used to optimize the controller parameters. The suggested control scheme endeavors to limit the vibration of the vehicle body by creating a suitable force for the suspension systems when passing on disturbance. Passive and active suspension systems are compared to test efficiency and ability of the proposed control scheme to enhance the safety and comfortable driving for different road profiles.

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