Chen Zhong-Jun

Work place: School of Electrical Information Jiangsu University of science and technology, Zhen Jiang, China



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Chen Zhong-Jun, who was born in 1983, He Nan province, researches on image and video processing.

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No-Reference JPEG image quality assessment based on Visual sensitivity

By Zhang You-Sai Chen Zhong-Jun

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Feb. 2011

In this paper, a novel human visual sensitivity measurement approach is presented to assessment the visual quality of JPEG-coded images without reference image. The key features of human visual sensitivity (HVS) such as edge amplitude and length, background activity and luminance are extracted from sample images as input vectors. SVR-NN was used to search and approximate the functional relationship between HVS and mean opinion score (MOS). Then, the measuring of visual quality of JPEG-coded images was realized. Experimental results prove that it is easy to initialize the network structure and set parameters of SVR-NN. And the better generalization performance owned by SVR-NN can add the new features of the sample automatically. Compared with other image quality metrics, the experimental results of the proposed metric exhibit much higher correlation with perception character of HVS. And the role of HVS feature in image quality index is fully reflected.

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