Md. Mahbubur Rahman Khan

Work place: Department of Food and Process Engineering, Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science & Technology University, Dinajpur, Bangladesh



Research Interests: Agricultural Engineering, Earth & Environmental Sciences


Md. Mahbubur Rahman Khan is an undergraduate student at the Department of Food and Process Engineering,HSTU,Dinajpur. He is currently researching Human Gut Microbiota, Probiotic Food and Plant Endophytes.

Author Articles
Cropland Mapping Expansion for Production Forecast: Rainfall, Relative Humidity and Temperature Estimation

By Prodipto Bishnu Angon Imrus Salehin Md. Mahbubur Rahman Khan Sujit Mondal

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Oct. 2021

In the modern era agriculture development is the highly contribute field of food security. Data Science is one of the top analysis experimental methods for forecasting and mapping synchronize. In our study, we experiment with three major parameters (Rainfall, Relative Humidity and Temperature) that can be affected crop production rate as well as area-based mapping. To complete the procedure, the cluster groping and prediction system has created a machine learning BOT combined analysis system. Bangladesh and its 13 areas with 46 years of data have visualized with proper analysis and build up a 2D map of each separate production area. Multi Linear Regression (MLR) and KMean Clustering is the main key point algorithm for the production analysis. Experiment analyzing, we can see that some elements of our environment are closely associated with the productivity of the crop. An untactful environmental change on parameters (Rainfall, Humidity, and Temperature) reduces agricultural productivity by 32-38%. Developed model accuracy 91.25% forecasting methodological analysis for production mapping and prediction. Extreme population food security has ensured ICT and Agriculture combine BOT & EVPM method is essential for the scientific world. This study will allow farmers to choose the proper crop in the right environmental condition, which will play a key role in strengthening the economy of the country.

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