Syed Shaharyar Rizvi

Work place: Department of Computer Science, Institute of Business Administration, Karachi, Pakistan



Research Interests: Computer Science & Information Technology


Syed Shaharyar Rizvi is a Tech-Functional Consultant by Profession currently working at InfoTech Group. He got his BS degree in Computer Sciences from DSU, Karachi and is currently perusing MS Degree for the IBA, Karachi.

Author Articles
Hindrance to Requirements Engineering During Software Development with Globally Distributed Teams

By Waqas Mahmood Syed Shaharyar Rizvi Siraj Munir

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Apr. 2022

With the increase in the availability of skilled software engineers, the process of global software development is being increasingly adopted by organizations, at a relatively lesser cost. This has led to software processes being more viable in a progressive manner for several reasons that include better communication technologies and the levels of maturity seen in the software industry.
That being said, Organizations that undertake the decision of adopting Global software development should realize that this process isn't exactly a risk-free action and there have been many failures reported with regard to it. The existing bools of globally distributed projects portray a number of challenges. During the interactive phase, the need for particular consideration towards the requirements of the client and the globally dispersed distributed software provider teams has been indicated.
This paper makes use of surveys collected from IT professionals and people working in the software industry in order to present realistic insights gathered from them.

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The Emerging Role of Academia in Sqa

By Waqas Mahmood Syed Shaharyar Rizvi Siraj Munir

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Jun. 2021

Now that every company and every consumer prioritize quality over quantity of work, the career of Software quality assurance is also taking a leap, especially in the field of academia. Thus, this report gives an overview of what a future with the usage of software quality control and testing would look like, and why it’s needed for the development of the caliber of software used all around the globe. It further marks out why adding courses related to software quality assurance in the curriculum is important and how this addition can widen the dynamics of software control, quality and testing industries. It also marks out how, even today, academia can and is playing an integral role in the developmental process of software quality assurance and testing in terms of the research that can be and is being made towards the whole developmental process of SQA. Universities and undergraduate programs can further play an important role towards the researching the horizons and fields software testing and assurance has to offer in the near future. Furthermore, this report questioned various practitioners belonging to some of the most prestigious IT companies about their opinion on the research questions involved in this report so as to verify the credibility of the data that has been gathered. At the end of the research, we have a foresight for as to how the industry of software quality assurance and software testing will grow.

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