Neela A G

Work place: Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering JSS Academy of Technical Education, Bangalore, Karnataka, India



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Mrs. Neela A G , Assistant Professor of JSS Academy of Technical Education, Bangalore and Research Scholar of JSS Science and Technological university, Mysore. Life time member of ISTE, and have published 3 international journals and have attended 2 conferences, guided UG students in there smooth conduction of the projects.

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Implementation of Support Vector Machine for Identification of Skin Cancer

By Neela A G

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Nov. 2019

Skin cancer is one of the most death causing cancer with the increase of infections on skin due to various parameters of the nature, atmosphere and geographical area .The abnormal growth of skin cells has become common in today’s world this abnormal growth is termed as skin cancer. Skin cancer mostly develops on the part of the skin which is exposed to sun light continuously or for long duration develops on body exposed to sun light, but it can occur anywhere on the body. Skin cancer in beginning stage is curable. Patient’s life can be saving from skin cancer by early & fast detection. Early detection of skin cancer in achievable at beginning stage with the new technology. Biopsy method was used to detect the cancer in the earlier days. During biopsy, a small part of the skin tissue is extracted from the carcinoma patient; this part of the tissue will be processed in various laboratories for the identification of the presence of infected cells and the stage at which the cancer is in. Biopsy was a very time consuming and painful for the patients, and the result of biopsy process was not accurate and correct. To overcome the loner procedure and to increase the accuracy Support Vector Machine Algorithm was used in identifying the infection/ Carcinoma at the early stage and cure the infection before it leads to death.

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