Rohit More

Work place: Department computer Network Engineering VTU, Belagavi 590018, India



Research Interests: Data Structures, Data Structures and Algorithms, Computer systems and computational processes


Rohit More is currently a research scholar in department of computer network engineering, VTU, Belagavi. His area of interest in Big Data Analytics. He has published papers in International Conferences and Journals.

Author Articles
DataViz Model: A Novel Approach towards Big Data Analytics and Visualization

By Rohit More R H Goudar

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Nov. 2017

Big Data is the collection of large data sets which contains large amount of data. There are different areas which are generating huge data, this data may be present in the form of semi-structured or unstructured and to get useful information from such raw data there is need of data analysis. Due to Big Data’s excessive volume, variety, and velocity it is very difficult to store and process huge data. The process of extracting the information from such raw data is called Big Data Analytics. Big data Analytics processes data gives result in the form of structured data. Again this data is huge size and very difficult to understand since it is present in the form of CSV or excel or simple text files. So for effective decision making and to understand the information quickly the data need to be visualized as human mind understands images and graphs better and faster than text data. In this paper a model called Data Visualization (Viz) is designed which integrates big data analytics and the data visualization. This model first takes the data from various sources and then processes it and converts it into structured form, if want this data can be stored to RDBMS. Finally the text result can be visualized with the help of Visualization module of the DataViz. Here text result is represented in the form of charts and graphs.

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