Sayantan Gupta

Work place: Amtala, Inside “Behind Khela Ghar”,Garia, Kolkata 700084, India



Research Interests: Quantum Computing Theory, Data Structures and Algorithms, Data Mining


Sayantan Gupta (Born 14.10.1997), Kolkata, India has keen interest in Data Analysis and Mining and as well as Quantum Key Distribution and has published many papers in Quantum Distribution. With a thoughtful mind, he has intentions to serve the world and make it sustainable for future needs and development.

Author Articles
Security Analysis and Proposal of Kill Model using Modern Quantum Key Distribution in Big Data Mining

By Sayantan Gupta

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Jul. 2017

Data now days is of the utmost importance in our network system maybe be in Raw form or be it processed Information. This research paper represents the Security Analysis of modern Big Data technology with the various upcoming challenges and threats which has a vast effect on any organization working in this field and thus the various solutions using Quantum and other cryptographic methods with encryption and numerous other pitfalls and the applications of such methods in real life.

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