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An Empirical Study on Consumers’ Continuance Intention Model of Online Group-buying

By Gang Li Xin Shi

DOI:, Pub. Date: 5 Oct. 2012

This paper examines the factors influencing consumers’ intention to continue using a new pattern of online group-buying, which benefits consumers from high discounts and is prevalent in many countries of the world since 2009. A theoretical model is proposed based on Expectation-Confirmation Model of IS Continuance (ECM-ISC) from the previous IS continuance literature, integrating with e-recovery service quality, perceived risk and two external variables. Data collected from a questionnaire survey of OGB consumers provides empirical support for the proposed model. The results indicate that consumers’ satisfaction with prior use and perceived usefulness significantly influence consumers’ continuance intention. Consumers’ satisfaction is determined primarily by consumers' confirmation of expectation from prior use and secondarily by perceived e-recovery service quality. Further, confirmation also has a significant influence on post-acceptance perceived usefulness. Confirmation, in turn, is significant influenced by both product quality and information quality. Some suggestions for practitioners are also offered.

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