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DbDMAD: a Database of DNA Methylation in Human Age-related Disease

By Wei Zhang Chang Linghu Juhua Zhang

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5815/ijem.2012.05.02, Pub. Date: 5 Oct. 2012

DNA methylation plays a variety of crucial roles in cell division, proliferation, development of aging life, development of genetic diseases related to uniparental disomy, and carcinogenesis. DNA methylation can be probed by HPLC and gene chip which is very helpful to the high-through methylation test. In recent years many published articles reported that DNA methylation may be linked with human aged disease. Mining and integration of DNA methylation in human aged disease can be beneficial to novel biological discoveries. There has not been DNA methylation database repository which is exclusive for human aged disease. Therefore, we developed dbDMAD: a database of DNA methylation in human aged diseases, there are two purposes of it, one is to store DNA methylation in human aged disease datasets which were obtained from laboratory experiments, another is to find the relationship of different aged diseases. This is the first release of dbDMAD in which users can find 12 kinds of human aged diseases and relevant DNA methylation information. It can be searched by disease name and gene ID. This database also includes a visualization tool named ChainMap, by which the map of methylation pathway can be shown.

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