Weimin Shi

Work place: College of Computer Science and Technology Beijing University of Technology Beijing, China

E-mail: shiweimin@bjut.edu.cn


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A Scheme of IBE Key Issuing Protocol Based on Identity-password Pair

By Weimin Shi

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5815/ijem.2012.04.04, Pub. Date: 29 Aug. 2012

To avoid the impersonation attack, an efficient and secure key issuing protocol based on identity-password pair is proposed, in which an additional identity-password pair issued by KGC and KPAs is used to authenticate a user’s identity. In this protocol we use a simple blinding technique to eliminate the of secure channel and multiple authorities approach to avoid the key escrow problem. Our protocol solves the key-escrow problem successfully and saves at least 4n pairing and 2n Hash operations in comparison to Lee B et al’s protocol.

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