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Work place: Key Laboratory of Key Technology on Agricultural Machine and Equipment Ministry of Education, (South China Agricultural University), Guangzhou 510642, P.R. China



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A Study on Sustainable Development of Grain Production Coping with Regional Drought in China

By Fengying Xu Zhen Chen Changyou Li Ce Xu Jieyu Lu Yi Ou

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5815/ijem.2011.06.12, Pub. Date: 5 Dec. 2011

The sustainable development of grain production is a necessary condition for Chinese rapid economic development, which is directly related to people's livelihood and national security. This paper analyzed the frequent occurrence causes of regional drought in China, emphatically enumerated the North-South imbalance of precipitation distribution in time and space, the excessive tillage and grazing and vegetation damage, the hydro-agricultural infrastructure aging and the rapid urbanization diverted for agricultural water resources, which impact the sustainable development of grain production, then proposed some countermeasures coping with frequently regional drought crisis: strengthen the protection of forest vegetation, the scientific planning of planting structure, and the balance regulation of urban industrial water and grain irrigation water, surface water and ground water and of the water allocation between the administrative region, and solve the discharge of sewage purification and desalination technologies, thus establish an integrated balance system of total supply and regional control of grain irrigation water, so as to continuously perfect the durable and stable supply of grain in China.

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