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Research of Distributed Data Mining System Based on Web Services

By LIU Weiming YANG Jian MAO Yimin

DOI:, Pub. Date: 5 Oct. 2011

For the following reasons, the original centralized data mining became more and more out of date. First, the data source need to be processed is distributed on different computers in the networks. Second, because of the constrain of networks band, the privacy and safety of data, the incompatibility of systems and so on, it is not realistic to put all data source in a place for centralized data mining. Third, more and more demands have addressed on the openness and easy accessibility. The distributed data mining technology was presented for the problems mentioned above. This article introduced the latest technology for distributed component technology—web services technology into distributed data mining field, and took some tentative efforts in solving the problem of designing for suitable architecture of distributed data mining systems and corresponding distributed mining algorithms.

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