Kazi Hozayfa Ahsan

Work place: Dhaka International University, Dhaka, Bangladesh



Research Interests: Software Development Process


Kazi Hozayfa Ahsan was born in 1997 in Naogaon, Bangladesh. He has completed his B.Sc degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Dhaka International University in 2020. He likes to work in web application development.

Author Articles
CarryIT: Design and Implementation of an Effective Parcel Carrying System

By Khandaker Mohammad Mohi Uddin Md Razwanul Ghani Kazi Hozayfa Ahsan Rafid Mostafiz Samrat Kumar Dey

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5815/ijeme.2021.03.03, Pub. Date: 8 Jun. 2021

A plethora of courier services are available in Bangladesh which are more expensive, less effective and takes ages to deliver the product. Besides, in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation, it’s onerous to move from one place to another, and if a person wants to send a product, he/she needs to go to the courier office. Moreover, many people need to move from their house for attending office, meetings, and traveling from one district to another district for special purposes. In this paperwork, a system is introduced to reduce the cost and time to send a product from one place to another place. Basically, an application is developed to meet the people who want to send a product and another one who want to carry the product. For carrying the product one can easily earn money. After scrutinizing the cost of courier services in Bangladesh, an algorithm is introduced to calculate the carrying cost of the product and an algorithm is also developed for product security.

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