Sobia Usman

Work place: COMSATS, Lahore



Research Interests: Software Engineering, Software Creation and Management


Ms. Sobia Zaheer Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science  Miss Sobia Zaheer earned a master’s degree in Computer Science in 2003, from Institute of Management Sciences, Pak-AIMS, Lahore. In 2009, she completed her MS (Software Project Management) from National University, FAST, Lahore. Her research interests include Software Engineering, Software Project Management. She is serving as Assistant Professor in Computer Science department, CIIT Lahore. Her duties mainly include teraching courses to undergraduate students. She is also member of NCEAC committee, BSSE program.

Author Articles
In What Ways Smart Cities Will Get Assistance from Internet of Things (IOT)

By Humera Faisal Sobia Usman Syed Murtaza Zahid

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Mar. 2018

The concept of smart cities has become very popular in recent times and with much more clear understanding. The evaluation of Internet of things and recent progress in the technology has given smart city project a real lift. IOT models can easily be integrated in different fields and sections of a city to attain a working smart city. Modern Smart city should not only be technologically advanced but must also provide better quality of life and more opportunities improved lifestyle and development for its citizen. This Paper provides us a survey of how Internet of things can help us in the development of a smart city and also identifies the main components and elements characterizing a smart city.
Furthermore we will also discuss the benefits a society will get from the working smart city project.

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Building Secure Web-Applications Using Threat Model

By Sobia Usman Humera Niaz

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Mar. 2018

Ensuring security in web based applications is one of the key issues nowadays. The processes of designing and building a web site have changed. As the online transactions are increasing, increase in type and number of attacks have been observed regarding security of online payment systems. Generally used web development methodologies do not assure security as an umbrella activity. Moreover appropriate threat modeling is also not being conducted against web security objectives. Need of the hour is to have a comprehensive and simple to use web development methodology which caters security throughout the WDLC for web based solutions.

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