Saba Awan

Work place: Department of Software Engineering, University of Engineering & Technology, Taxila, Pakistan



Research Interests: Software Design, Software Development Process, Software Engineering, Computer Architecture and Organization, Systems Architecture, Network Architecture, Database Management System


Engr. Saba Awan is a MS Intellectual in the Department of Software Engineering at University of Engineering and Technology Taxila, Pakistan. She has graduated from University of Engineering and Technology Taxila in Software Engineering in July 2013. Her areas of interest are Agile Application Development, Software Quality Management , Database Application Development, Object Oriented programming, Software Architecture and Design.

Author Articles
An Efficient and Objective Generalized Comparison technique for Software Quality Models

By Saba Awan Faizah Malik Engr Ali Javed

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Dec. 2015

To scrutinize the uniqueness of software quality model it is crucial to compare it with existing ones. Quality is generally apprehended in a model that illustrates the features and their interactions. Numerous models for measuring quality of software processes have been recommended to assess particular type of software products. Numerous methodologies and practices have been suggested to perform the specific or general scope based comparisons among eminent models. These comparisons are leak. The Suggested comparison lacks the clear differentiation and in depth analysis. Consequently, a prescribed method of comparison among software quality models has been defined. The suggested technique is applied on an inclusive comparison among renowned software quality models. The consequence of suggested technique demonstrates the power and faintness of quality models.

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