Shikha Vashisht

Work place: Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Landran, Mohali, India



Research Interests: Engineering


Er. Shikha Vashisht Born on 13, March, 1991. She has completed (Information Technology) from GreenHills Engg. College(H.P.U), Solan, India in the year 2012. She is pursuing (Computer Science) from CGC College of Engineering, Landran, Mohali, India.

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A Novel Active Data Filtration for the Cloud based Architecture against Packet Flooding Attacks

By Shikha Vashisht Mandeep kaur

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Dec. 2015

The usage of remote servers network on the Internet to process data, store and manage, instead of using a local server or any computer” is called cloud computing. Cloud computing is that which totally based on resource sharing rather than any other device to handle applications. Today cloud computing is facing numerous challenges and one of those is Attack on the cloud environment. There are many types of hazardous attack on cloud, as the attack is always in wait for some important data or resource. The most common and most affective attack is Packet Flooding attack and there are many faces of packet flooding. EDoS Attack one of the most commonly and strong packet flood attack on the cloud to make the resources almost inaccessible to the user by flooding the unnecessary packet to the network or site more that its capacity. This paper deals with the analysis of EDoS and a mechanism is proposed to mitigate the EDoS by using filtration mechanism. The filtration is done on the basis of secure key Exchange which differentiate legitimate user from attacker. The simulation is done by cloud sim as well as Net-Beans and the performance is analyzed over time and data. Using filter the packet loss and time delay occurs in EDoS attack is much reduced.

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