Mandeep Kaur

Work place: Computer Science Department, CGC Landran, Mohali, India



Research Interests: Information Security, Network Architecture, Network Security, Information-Theoretic Security


Mandeep Kaur, she is pursuing the master of technology from the CGC college of engineering (COE), Landran, PTU. She received her B.Tech in computer science from CGC Landran in 2013. Her main research area is vehicular network security.

Author Articles
Movement Abnormality Evaluation Model in the Partially Centralized VANETs for Prevention Against Sybil Attack

By Mandeep Kaur Manish Mahajan

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Nov. 2015

The VANETs carry many security concerns. One of the popular and dangerous attacks can be launched in the form of Sybil or Prankster attack, where an attacker inserts a fake position within in the cluster. The inserted fake node information can be utilized by the hackers in the case of selfish driver, traffic jams, selective collisions and other similar hazardous situations. To avoid such things the VANETs must be protected against such attacks. In this paper, a novel solution has been proposed to overcome the Sybil and prankster attacks on the VANETs. The new solution is capable of detecting the fake information injections by verifying the VANET node behaviour in the cluster. The behaviour of the node includes the direction, speed, pattern, etc. In case a node is found malicious, the whole cluster is reported against that node, and node is ordered to stop by the central control system. The proposed model has been developed using the random waypoint model. The random way point model is much closer to the real time VANETs. The random waypoint model has been compared against the reference point group model. The experimental results have shown the effectiveness of the proposed model.

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