Britto Anthony Xavier

Work place: Department of Mathematics Sacred Heart College, India



Research Interests: Computational Mathematics, Mathematics


Dr. Britto Anthony Xavier is an Associate professor in the Department of Mathematics, Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur, India. He specializes in Difference Equations, Graph Theory.

Author Articles
A Framework to Formulate Adaptivity for Adaptive e-Learning System Using User Response Theory

By Maria Dominic Britto Anthony Xavier Sagayaraj Francis

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Jan. 2015

These days different e-learning architecture provide different kinds of e-learning experiences due to “one size fits for all” concept. This is no way better than the traditional learning and does not exploit the technological advances. Thus the e-learning system began to evolve to adaptable e-learning systems which adapts or personalizes the learning experience of the learners. Systems infer the characteristics of the learners and identify the preferences of the learners and automatically generate personalized learning path and customize learning contents to the individuals needs. This process is known as adaptation and systems which adapt are known are adaptive systems. So the main objective of this research was to provide an adaptive e-learning system framework which personalizes the learning experience in an efficient way. In this paper a framework for adaptive e-learning system using user response theory is proposed to meet the research objectives identified in section 1.D.

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