Seelam Vasavi Sai Viswanada Prabhu Deva Kumar

Work place: ITM University, Gwalior (MP), India



Research Interests: Computer Science & Information Technology, Computer systems and computational processes, Embedded System, Systems Architecture, Algorithm Design, Analysis of Algorithms


Seelam Vasavi Sai Viswanada Prabhu Deva Kumar born in “Chintalapudi” a city in Andhra Pradesh, India on 15th June 1996. He is pursuing B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Institute of Technology & Management University (ITMU), Gwalior in 2014-2018 and area of interest in LED Fabrication and Designing, Embedded Systems & IoT. Seelam Vasavi Sai Viswanada Prabhu Deva Kumar worked as an Intern in Fuzinix Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Author Articles
Advanced Control of Switching Ignition by Smart Helmet

By Seelam Vasavi Sai Viswanada Prabhu Deva Kumar Shyam Akashe Vikram Kumar

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Feb. 2018

The impact of Accident effect, a lot of human livelihoods and their career, due to the negligence of wearing the helmets on a daily basis in India. To end this suffering, we have a social responsibility development projects. The motorcycle driver without wearing the helmet can be killed if it hit or crash and bring his life in danger. Wearing a helmet reduces the possibility of danger of life. In India, for example, wearing a helmet is mandatory in the law and the drivers need to follow it. Similar rules are in many countries. Therefore, this project is designed to improve motorcycle safety and make motorcyclist compulsory for wearing it. As you can see, we have a lot to think about it. It is a type that is used in the driver's helmet to drive a bike safely. The aim of this paper is to protect the driver life and decrease the death rate at road accident by making the helmet. It uses a hands-free kit and advances feature like compulsory of wearing helmet and theft security. Bluetooth wireless communication module (2.4 GHz band transceiver) can be used for transmission between the transmitter and the receiver. The driver needs to wear a helmet otherwise a helmet automatically keeps the engine OFF. If rider wears the helmet, ignition will be automatically ON. In the sensor, we transmit information to the wireless communication module, which is connected to the bike. This system is one of the devices built in the helmet; the second devices are inside the bike. Monitor recognizes the power devices with a Force-sensing resistor (FSR). Wireless data receiver, encoder, and a transmitter are used to communicate helmet with the bike. AT mega controller in both devices used as a CPU. It is one of the most advanced electronic projects for the Road Safety Systems.

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Implementation of GSM Based Security System with IOT Applications

By Seelam Vasavi Sai Viswanada Prabhu Deva Kumar Shyam Akashe

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Jun. 2017

An effective security system is designed and implemented through the application of embedded systems and the Internet of Things (IoT). The main goal of this work is to present the IoT system and modern technology systems / embedded intelligent networks. IoT is the technology of the future in contact machine / machine device / machine is possible thanks to the electronics, sensor technology, software and connectivity system to enable these items to collect and exchange data. Embedded system is a real-time mainframe structure on a particular task, an automatic or electrical system including, often within the limits of real-time raking as sensors, modules with microcontrollers, etc...This is integrated with sensor main server and GSM global system For mobile), it is able to send data and IP addresses through SMS message. This will facilitate the identification of the unknown person embedded in real-time in these devices. The video data are transferred to another back-end server via TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) of the device. This server collects data and provides HTTP Web. A browser is used to view data and can be remotely controlled. This type is giving an idea about the probability and effectiveness of the system, this thesis presents the results of the investigation into the security system and some realistic implementations.

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