Sultan A. Alhumrani

Work place: King Abdul-Aziz University/ Faculty of Computing & Information Technology, Saudi Arabia, 21589 Jeddah



Research Interests: Software Engineering, Autonomic Computing, Information Security, Network Security


Sultan A. Alhumrani is Research Scholar and Post-graduate student for master degree for Information Technology in King Abdul-Aziz University. He received a Bachelor in Science Information Technology & Computing in 2013 from Opining University. His current research interest is on Network Security, Software Engineering, Communications, information security and Cloud Computing Security.

Author Articles
Novel Approach to Solve Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem (RCPSP)

By Sultan A. Alhumrani Rizwan J. Qureshi

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Sep. 2016

In this paper, resource constrained project scheduling problem is taken and solved using genetic algorithm. This algorithm solves the problem as a whole in software development, with the limited resource the project has to be scheduled to the team members. The main aim is to schedule and optimize the resource to complete the project within time. Due to resource constraint environment, the complexity of solving the algorithm increases exponentially. So the traditional methods are not suitable to solve the resource constraint problem. The Genetic Algorithm is taken to solve the multiple resource constraints project scheduling needs. This typical NP-hard problem is solved via mathematical model via genetic algorithm. Software development projects were considered to be resource constrained and project scheduling solution makes the algorithm time efficient.

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