Subhash Chander Sharma

Work place: Electronics & Computer Discipline, DPT, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, India



Research Interests: Network Security, Network Architecture, Computer Networks, Computer Architecture and Organization, Computer systems and computational processes


Professor S. C. Sharma received the M.Sc. (Electronics), M.Tech. (Electronics & Communication Engg.) and Ph.D. (Electronics & Computer Engg.) from IIT Roorkee (erstwhile University of Roorkee).

He has published over two hundred research papers in national and international journals/conferences and supervised more than 30 projects/dissertation of PG students. He has supervised 14 PhDs in the area of Computer Networking, Wireless Network, Computer Communication and continuing supervising Ph.D. students in the same area.

He has successfully completed several major research projects independently funded by various Govt. Agencies like AICTE, CSIR, MHRD, DST, and DRDO.

Author Articles
A Particle Swarm Optimization Approach for Energy Efficient Clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks

By Santar Pal Singh Subhash Chander Sharma

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Jun. 2017

In the previous years, wireless sensor networks (WSNs) got lot of attraction from the scientific and industrial society. WSNs are composed of huge number of small resource constrained devices recognized as sensors. Energy is a vital issue in WSN. Energy efficient clustering is an eminent optimization problem which has been studied extensively to prolong the lifetime of the network. This paper demonstrates the programming formulation of this problem followed by a proposed algorithm with particle swarm optimization (PSO) approach. The clustering method is stated by taking into consideration of energy saving of nodes. The proposed algorithm is experimented widely and results are evaluated with existing methods to show their supremacy in term of alive nodes, energy expenditure, packet delivery ratio, and throughput of network. Simulation results shows that our proposed algorithm outperform the other existing algorithms of its category.

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PEECA: PSO-Based Energy Efficient Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks

By Santar Pal Singh Subhash Chander Sharma

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 May 2017

In previous years, wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have fascinated lot of consideration from the scientific and technical society. The distributed characteristics and dynamic topology of sensor networks initiates very peculiar necessities in routing schemes that supposed to be met. The key feature of efficient routing protocol is energy expenditure and extension in lifetime of network. In past few years, various routing algorithms have been presented for WSNs. In this work, we focus on cluster based routing algorithms and propose a new algorithm for routing in WSNs. We perform the analysis of our new cluster based algorithms with existing algorithm on the basis of performance metrics. Simulation results shows that proposed algorithm outperform the other existing algorithms of his category.

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