Adnan Fadhil

Work place: College of Education and Languages, Lebanese French University, Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq



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Adnan Fadhil was born in 1983. He received his B.Sc. degree in Educational and Psychological Sciences from the College of Education, University of Mosul in 2006. Then, he received his M.A. in Educational Sciences from the College of Education, University of Mosul in 2009. His research interests include comparative field studies, comparative education and comparative methodologies. Currently, he is serving as the Head of General Education Department at the Lebanese French University. Finally, he has participated in various local and regional conferences, authored many scientific articles and published an academic book in the field of comparative education.

Author Articles
E-Learning at Private Universities in Kurdistan Region: A Comparative Field Study

By Adnan Fadhil Zohair Al-Ameen

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Sep. 2016

Higher education is encountering major alteration in many countries. As well, many innovative learning techniques are emerging due to the speedy growths of technology, internet and communication tools. This thrive of technology has changed various features and conceptions of the traditional learning environments. Recently, the attention has focused on electronic learning (e-learning), which is a form of education that has begun to find its way into different developing countries due to its high potential in improving the educational process. However, different real-world challenges emerged, in which they hampered the application of e-learning in developing countries. Thus, this study aims to identify the status of the actual level of e-learning application among private universities in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. It is believed that the results of this study will greatly ameliorate the currently utilized educational systems.

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