Bhumika Dahat

Work place: School of Information Technology, UTD RGPV



Research Interests: Autonomic Computing, Information Security, Information Systems, Computing Platform, Information Theory


Bhumika Dahat was born in Bhopal in 1992 and she has completed her Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering and now perusing Masters of Technology in Information Technology from UIT, RGPV Bhopal, India. Her research Interest is Cloud Cryptographic themes, cloud computing, Information Security.

Author Articles
Hybrid KP-ABE Algorithm with Time Bounded Access Control for Cloud Data Security

By Bhumika Dahat Nischol Mishra Santosh Sahu

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Nov. 2018

Cloud computing presents a vast area for distributed computing where integrated data centres provide resources for immense and scalable distribution of confidential data. Conceptually, cloud applications being offered, information security and its confidentiality become a vital issue to the cloud. So, as to craft certain security of data at cloud data stowage a design and execution of an algorithmic rule to boost cloud security is planned. With an concept, where the planned algorithmic rule integrates option of three completely different existing algorithms and named RAD cryptography algorithm with most novel and attractive conception of Attribute based encryption (ABE) so as to manage, control access and file sharing management in cloud with its special attribute computing properties. During this analysis, a secure file sharing scheme supported attribute is given. In this Research, during this analysis, work data is encrypted using Hybrid attribute based algorithm i.e. RAD Algorithm which proves its proficiency and effectiveness with respect to security level. If any user wants to access the encrypted information where some authentication credentials also are created based on cipher-text, then it has to evidence itself by providing authentication credentials. Consequently, the planned algorithm offers enriched security along with it diminishes time complexity during encryption and decryption technique for data file.

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