Sumeet Anand

Work place: Department of Computer Science and Applications, NSHM College of Management & Technology, Kolkata, 700053, India



Research Interests: Neural Networks, Computer Networks, Information Security, Network Security, Information Systems


Sumeet Anand is a final year student of Bachelor's in Computer Applications from NSHM College of Management & Technology, Kolkata appearing for his final Semester Examinations. His basic interest includes Artificial Neural Networks, Information Security, and Cloud Computing.

Author Articles
Cryptography Based on RGB Color Channels using ANNs

By Sanjay Kumar Pal Sumeet Anand

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 May 2018

Information is by far the most precious thing in almost every field. Everything we do in the present-day world generated some data and most of the data are vulnerable to unwanted threats. The organizations and agencies are becoming more and more dependent on their digitized information systems. Also, the general public is slowly getting cyber- conscious and thus they also fear for the leak and tampering of their secured information. Today’s information systems are under the constant threats of manipulation and overriding by various criminal organizations. Thus, the information in today’s world is kept under the password authentication. These passwords are a combination of a string of alphanumeric and special characters. Also, the key used to encrypt the information are exposed to either both or one of the parties. To overcome this vulnerability, an encryption technique is proposed where the key will be generated and transmitted using TPM and the final encrypted text will be stored in the image format by segregating the text data into the 3-channelled image, i.e., RGB.

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