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Work place: JIMS/IT, New Delhi, 110 070, India



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Arpana Chaturvedi is working as an Assistant Professor in Jagannath International Management School, Delhi. She is M.Sc. (Math), MCA and M. Phil. (Comp. Sc). She is pursuing PhD from Jagannath University. PH-01149219191. E-mail:

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A Solution to Secure Personal Data When Aadhaar is linked with DigiLocker

By Vinay Kumar Arpana Chaturvedi Meenu Dave

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 May 2018

With spread of digitalization in India, the government initiated many welfare schemes for citizens as a part of e-governance. To ensure security, it is made mandatory to link Aadhaar card of beneficiaries with different schemes. The government also proposed to link UIDAI with DigiLocker to lead India towards the paperless economy. Due to this, worries related to security concern arise. Once UIDAI connected with DigiLocker, a resident can share personal data with other agencies. It generates enormous amount of Data and it may cause misuse of personal data. It is very important to keep data secure with controlled and authenticated access. It is a challenge to manage and secure this amount of data. In this paper, we propose a framework and model to secure personal data using proper authentication process. Availability of the documents should be verified by the owner and post verification, the document should be accessible for the limited time. Failing which revalidation is required.

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