Gur Mauj Saran Srivastava

Work place: Department of Physics & Computer Science, Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra, India



Research Interests: Computer Architecture and Organization, Distributed Computing, Database Management System, Data Structures and Algorithms


Dr. Gur Mauj Saran Srivastava was born in Agra, India. He received his B.Tech and Ph.D. degrees from ISM Dhanwad and Agra University, respectively. Currently, he is working as an Associate Professor in Department of Physics and Computer Science at Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra, India. He has published many papers in international journals and conferences. His current research interest includes Distributed System and Cloud computing.

Author Articles
Cloud Computing: A Paradigm Shift in the Way of Computing

By Mohit Agarwal Gur Mauj Saran Srivastava

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Dec. 2017

Cloud computing has been emerging out as a new and evolving paradigm with tremendous momentum. It is one of the most acceptable information technology based service which drew the attention of the people not only from the academia, industry but also registered its popularity among the general people. Features like scalability, elasticity, less entry cost, easy to access and subscription and pay per use etc. compel the businesses and end users to migrate themselves from the traditional platform to the cloud based platform. With the wide acceptability of cloud computing based services in the society, people have various myths like some think it as a new name of internet, as it shares many features of the internet while others feel it as another name of existing technology like distributed system, grid computing, and parallel computing etc.. This paper will help in making people aware of this technology by highlighting the points of difference with the existing technology and focusing on the various advantages and area of application which presents the evidence of its popularity and continual growth. The work in the paper will end with the discussion on the status of various issues and shortcomings from which it is suffering along with the present and future scope in this popular area.

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