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Work place: Computer Science and Engineering, S. D. M Institute of Technology, Ujire, India



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Design and Development of IoT Device to Measure Quality of Water

By Chandrappa S Dharmanna L Shyama Srivatsa Bhatta U V Sudeeksha Chiploonkar M Suraksha M N Thrupthi S

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Apr. 2017

The conventional method of measuring the quality of water is to take the samples manually and send it to laboratory for analysis. This technique is time overwhelming and not economical. Also it is not feasible to take the water sample to the laboratory after every hour for measuring its quality. To overcome from these problems a new system is proposed in this work. This water quality measuring system will measure the essential qualities of water in real time. The proposed system consists of multiple sensors to measure the standard of water, Raspberry Pi 2 and Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN) to send the information to the controlling center. It's a real time system which is able to endlessly measure the standard of water and send the measured values to the controlling center in each predefined time. The system relies on sensors, Raspberry Pi 2 and Internet.

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