Zahia Marouf

Work place: King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



Research Interests: Computer systems and computational processes, Information Systems, Data Structures and Algorithms, Information Theory


Zahia Marouf received the Magister and Ph.D. degrees in computer Sidi Bel Abbes University- Algeria in 2010 and 2015 respectively. In 2011 she joined the Department of Economics and Management, University of Mascara, Algeria as an assistant professor. Since December 2015, she has been with the information system Department of King Abdulaziz University. She is a member of the Evolutionary Engineering and Distributed Information Systems Laboratory, EEDIS. In research, her current interests include ontology learning, information and knowledge management, Semantic Web.

Author Articles
Taxonomy Learning from Health Care Social Communities to Improve EHR Implementation

By Zahia Marouf Sidi Mohamed Benslimane

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Jun. 2018

In this paper, we propose an approach to extract ontological structures from datasets generated by health care users of social networking sites. The objective of this approach is to exploit the user generated implicit semantics as a complement to more formalized knowledge representations. We aim for this latter to leverage the adoption level of the Electronic Health Record systems that are complaining from the shortage in standards and controlled vocabularies.

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