Er. Simranpreet kaur

Work place: Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Amritsar College of engineering and technology, Amritsar, India



Research Interests: Computer Networks, Network Architecture, Network Security


Simranpreet kaur received the B.Tech degree in computer science and engineering from Amritsar college of Engineering and Technology(ACET), Amritsar, India. She is currently pursuing the M.Tech degree with the department of computer science, ACET college, under supervision of Shivani Sharma. Her current research interests include wireless sensor networks, IOT and fog computing.

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Enhancement of Energy Aware Hierarchical Cluster-based Routing Protocol for WSNs

By Er. Simranpreet kaur Er. Shivani Sharma

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Apr. 2018

Wireless sensor networks are present almost everywhere because of their extensive variety of utilization. However, sensor nodes are battery constrained. Therefore, proficient utilization of power turns into testing issues. Aggregated data at the base station, by individual nodes cause a flood of information which results in greater power consumption. To avoid or minimize this issue a new technique of data aggregation has been proposed. In this paper, we proposed enhanced novel energy aware hierarchical cluster-based (ENEAHC) routing protocol with the aim to: minimizing as much as total energy consumption and to enhance the performance of the energy efficient protocol by using inter-cluster based data aggregation. LZW based data aggregation likewise connected to the Cluster head (CH) to improve more results. Performance results show ENEAHC scheme reduce the end-to-end energy consumption and prolong the lifetime of the network compared to well known clustering algorithms i.e. LEACH and NEAHC. We design the actual relay node selecting issue like a non-linear programming issue and make use of property of compress sensing to find the optimal solution. The results are evaluated at the end of this paper through simulation.

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