Vu Chien Thang

Work place: Faculty of Electronics and Communications Technology, University of Information and Communications Technology, Thai Nguyen, 250000, Viet Nam



Research Interests: Computer systems and computational processes, Embedded System, Computer Networks


Vu Chien Thang received the B.S., M.Sc. degree in Electronics and Communications Technology from Hanoi University of Science and Technology in 2006, 2009 and Ph.D. in Telecommunications Engineering from Vietnam Research Institute of Electronics, Informatics, and Automation in 2015. He is currently a lecturer at Thai Nguyen University of Information and Communications Technology. He has published over 20 journal articles. His research interests include wireless communications networks, internet of things, embedded systems

Author Articles
A Comparative Study of Data Collection Routing Protocols for Water Meter Reading Devices Network

By Vu Chien Thang

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Dec. 2020

This paper presents a comparative study of data collection routing protocols for the network of water meter reading devices. Water meters added with smart reading devices that could read the amount of water consumption and send it to the server via radio. Smart reading devices use a limited battery power source, therefore, it is necessary to employ energy-efficient data collection routing protocols to the network of water meter reading devices to increase network lifetime. CTP and RPL are two data collection protocols, which focused on research and evaluation in this paper. Simulation results in different channel quality conditions show that the RPL protocol achieves better energy efficiency than the CTP-0 and CTP-31 protocols. Although the successful data delivery ratio of RPL protocol is lower than that of CTP-31 protocol, data collected periodically in the network, so the loss of several data packets is acceptable.

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A Comparative Study of Network Performance between ContikiMAC and XMAC Protocols in Data Collection Application with ContikiRPL

By Vu Chien Thang

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Aug. 2019

This paper will present several research results evaluating the performance of ContikiMAC and XMAC protocols in data collection application with the RPL routing protocol. Simulation results show that ContikiMAC protocol gets better efficiency compared with XMAC protocol in both successful data delivery ratio and average energy consumption in the network. ContikiMAC protocol also performs well in high-density network condition. Meanwhile, successful data delivery ratio of XMAC protocol significantly reduced when the network density increases. The evaluating simulation results in this paper are an important basis for scientists to continue developing applications for wireless sensor networks in the future.

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A Solution for Water Factories in Vietnam using Automatic Meter Reading Technology

By Vu Chien Thang

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Aug. 2018

A solution for water factories in Vietnam using automatic meter reading technology is proposed in this paper. The water meters and water quality meters for water factories in Vietnam have been designed and prototyped. Water meters differ from conventional meters in that they record the water consumption and communicate that information back to the water suppliers for monitoring and billing without the need for manual readings. Water quality meters monitor multiple parameters relating to water quality such as pH, electro-conductivity, temperature, etc., and transmit these parameters to a server via GPRS network. Therefore, customers and water suppliers can monitor the water consumption, water quality parameters from anywhere via the Internet. This project has been conducted in a water factory located in Thai Nguyen Province, Vietnam. The results have shown that the consideration of this solution has been operated well in the real condition in Vietnam.

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A Performance Evaluation of Improved IPv6 Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

By Vu Chien Thang Nguyen Van Tao

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Dec. 2016

In the near future, IP-based wireless sensor networks will play a key role in several application scenarios such as smart grid, smart home, healthcare, and building automation... An IPv6 routing protocol is expected to provide internet connectivity to any IP-based sensor node. In this paper, we propose IRPL protocol for IP-based wireless sensor networks. IRPL protocol uses a combination of two routing metrics that are the link quality and the remaining energy state of the preferred parent to select the optimal path. In IRPL protocol, we combine two metrics based on an alpha weight. IRPL protocol is implemented in ContikiOS and evaluated by using simulation and testbed experiments. The results show that IRPL protocol has achieved better network lifetime, data delivery ratio and energy balance compared to the traditional solution of RPL protocol.

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