Sheeza butt

Work place: Govt College Women University, Sialkot, 51040,Pakistan



Research Interests: Data Mining


Sheeza Butt was born in Sialkot in 1999. She did her matriculation level in 2014 from, Govt. Girls Higher Secondary school Sambrial, district Sialkot in Science Subjects and her intermediate level (I.C.S) in 2016 from Superior college Sambrial, district Sialkot. Now she is doing her BS (Hons) in Computer Science (CS) from GCWU, Sialkot. She is also certified as Microsoft Office specialist. Currently she has been working on research in Blochain technology and comparison between bitcoin and ethereum topic. Her main areas of research interest are blockchian technology.

Author Articles
A Deep Analysis of Image Based Video Searching Techniques

By Sadia Anayat Arfa Sikandar Sheeza butt Saher butt

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Aug. 2020

For many applications like brand monitoring, it’s important to search a video from large database using image as query[1]. Numerous visual search technologies have emerged with the passage of time such as image to video retrieval(I2V), video to video retrieval(V2V), color base video retrieval and image to image retrieval. Video searching in large libraries has become a new area of research. Because of advance in technology, there is a need of introducing the well established searching techniques for image base video retrieval task. The main purpose of this study is to find out the best image based video retieving technquie. This research shows the importance of image base video retrieving in the searching field and addresses the problem of selecting the most accurate I2V retrieval technique. A comparison of different searching techniques is presented with respect to some characteristics to analyze and furnish a decision regarding the best among them. The accuracy and retrieval time of different techniques is different. This research shows that there are a number of visual search techniques, all those techniques perform same function in different way with different accuracy and speed. This study shows that CNN is best as compare to others techniques. In future, the best among these techniques can be implemented to reduce the searching time and produce the promising result. 

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Generation Analysis of Blockchain Technology: Bitcoin and Ethereum

By Sidra Anwar Sadia Anayat Sheeza butt Saher butt Muhammad Saad

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Aug. 2020

In this paper, the importance of blockchain technology have been discussed and the generations of blockchain (Bitcoin and Ethereum) have been compared provided different aspects. The blockchain is a technology which allows direct transaction without involving third party. Also, it offers many facilities like high translucency, high safety and security, improved trace-ability, greater proficient and transactions’ speed, and reduced costs. Moreover, the cryptocurrencies provide advance security level. The basic purpose of this study is to highlight different aspects of Blockchain, Bitcoin and Ethereum and to show which cryptocurrency is better approach. The research contributes to show the impact of this technology in different fields and a comparison of bitcoin and ethereum is presented to analyze and furnish a decision regarding the best among them.
The use of blochchain technology in government applications can bring a drastic change in the world because it is safer and faster. Also, the comparison shows that ethereum is better than bitcoin as it is efficient and has more applications as compared to bitcoin. It offers more advanced services such as smart contracts. All in all, the analysis has concluded with Ethereum as faster and securer approach.

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A Deep Analysis of Applications and Challenges of Wireless Sensor Network

By Sadia Anayat Sheeza butt Isma zulfiqar Saher butt

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Jun. 2020

Wireless sensor network refer to a community of a spatially dispersed and allocated sensors to track, record the enviromental physical conditions and to coordinate the collected information at a central point. WSN are becoming increasingly important with their wide range of business applications. WSN are being used in multiple fields such as health care, agriculture, systematic observation and condition based serviliance. WSN contain multiple sensors and because of features of implementing nodes, protection and authenticity, wireless sensor network become more complex. Security has drawn much attention in WSN in the last few years. But the transmission work done by sensors, is typically critical because there are large ammount of data and sensor devices are limited. Due to small number of sensers, the system is vulnerable to multiple attacks.  The basic goal of this paper is to highlight the areas where the WSN is being used and multiple  challenges to wireless sensor network. The multiple attacks and challenges to WSN are mentioned in this study. This research shows that although there are many challenges to WSN but still the use of wireless sensor network  in multiple field such as agricultural and healthcare helps a lot to improve the efficiency, quality and performance of the those areas.

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