Didi Faouzi

Work place: Materials and Renewable Energy Research Unit M.R.E.R.U, University of Abou-bakr Belkaïd, B.P. 119, Tlemcen, Algeria.

E-mail: didifouzi19@yahoo.com


Research Interests: Physics, Computational Physics


Doctor Didi Faouzi Graduate: DEUA of University degree in Applied cold in 2008 Yahia Fares University of Médéa Algeria, State Engineer HVAC in 2011 from the University of khemis Miliana Algeria, academic Master in Energy and Thermal in 2012 University khemis Miliana Algeria in Mechanical Engineering Degree in 2014 of Yahia Fares University of Médéa Algeria, Master in Energy and Industrial Refrigeration in 2013 Yahia Fares University of Médéa Algeria, PhD in Physics specialty Renewable Energies during 2013 in Tlemcen University Algeria.

Author Articles
Modeling a Fuzzy Logic Controller to Simulate and Optimize the Greenhouse Microclimate Management using MATLAB SIMULINK

By Didi Faouzi N. Bibi-Triki B. Draoui A. Abene

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5815/ijmsc.2017.03.02, Pub. Date: 8 Jul. 2017

The socio-economic evolution of populations has in recent decades a rapid and multiple changes, including dietary habits that have been characterized by the consumption of fresh products out of season and widely available throughout the year. Culture under shelters of fruit, vegetable and flower species developed from the classical to the greenhouse agro - industrial, currently known for its modernity and high level of automation (heating, misting, of conditioning, control, regulation and control, supervisor of computer etc ...). new techniques have emerged, including the use of control devices and regulating climate variables in a greenhouse (temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration etc ...) to the exploitation of artificial intelligence such as neural networks and / or fuzzy logic. Currently the climate computer offers many benefits and solves problems related to the regulation, monitoring and controls. Greenhouse growers remain vigilant and attentive, facing this technological development. they ensure competitiveness and optimize their investments / production cost which continues to grow. The application of artificial intelligence in the industry known for considerable growth, which is not the case in the field of agricultural greenhouses, where enforcement remains timid. it is from this fact, we undertake research work in this area and conduct a simulation based on meteorological data through MATLAB Simulink to finally analyze the thermal behavior - greenhouse microclimate energy.

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