Ali Belhocine

Work place: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Sciences and the Technology of Oran L.P 1505 El - MNAOUER, USTO 31000 Oran Algeria



Research Interests: Simulation, Algorithm Analysis, Mathematical Analysis


Ali Belhocine received his Magister degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2006 from Mascara University, Mascara, Algeria. After then, he was a PhD student at the University of Science and the Technology of Oran (USTO Oran), Algeria. He has recently obtained his Ph.D. degrees 2012 in Mechanical Engineering at the same University. His research interests include Automotive Braking Systems, Finite Element Method (FEM), ANSYS simulation, CFD Analysis, Heat Transfer, Thermal-Structural Analysis, Tribology and Contact Mechanic.

Author Articles
Exact Analytical Solution of Boundary Value Problem in a Form of an Infinite Hypergeometric Series

By Ali Belhocine

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Jan. 2017

This paper proposes an exact solution of the classical Graetz problem in terms of an infinite series represented by a nonlinear partial differential equation considering two space variables, two boundary conditions and one initial condition. The mathematical derivation is based on the method of separation of variables whose several stages were illustrated to reach the solution of the Graetz problem.

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