Shakir A. Mehdiyev

Work place: Institute of Information Technology of ANAS, Baku, Azerbaijan



Research Interests: Computer systems and computational processes, Computer Networks


Shakir Agajan Mehdiyev graduated from Automation and Computer Engineering faculty of Azerbaijan Polytechnic University. His primary research interests include various areas in e-science, computer networks, and maintenance.
He is head of the department at the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS, Azerbaijan. He is the author of about 25 scientific papers.

Author Articles
Integration of Cyber-Physical Systems in E-Science Environment: State-of-the-Art, Problems and Effective Solutions

By Tahmasib Kh. Fataliyev Shakir A. Mehdiyev

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Sep. 2019

The implementation of the concept of building an information society implies a widespread introduction of IT in all areas of modern society, including in the field of science. Here, the further progressive development and deepening of scientific research and connections presuppose a special role of e-science. E-science is closely connected with the innovative potential of IT, including the Internet technologies, the Internet of things, cyber-physical systems, which provide the means and solutions to the problems associated with the collection of scientific data, their storage, processing, and transmission. The integration of cyber-physical systems is accompanied by the exponential growth of scientific data that require professional management, analysis for the acquisition of new knowledge and the qualitative development of science. In the framework of e-science, cloud technologies are now widely used, which represent a centralized infrastructure with its inherent characteristic that is associated with an increase in the number of connected devices and the generation of scientific data. This ultimately leads to a conflict of resources, an increase in processing delay, losses, and the adoption of ineffective decisions. The article is devoted to the analysis of the current state and problems of integration of cyber-physical systems in the environment of e-science and ways to effectively solve key problems. The environment of e-science is considered in the context of a smart city. It presents the possibilities of using the cloud, fog, dew computing, and blockchain technologies, as well as a technological solution for decentralized processing of scientific data.

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Analysis and New Approaches to the Solution of Problems of Operation of Oil and Gas Complex as Cyber-Physical System

By Tahmasib Kh. Fataliyev Shakir A. Mehdiyev

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Nov. 2018

The application of modern information technologies in the oil and gas sector is constantly developing, which facilitates the acceleration of exploration and detection of oil, the increase in oil production and reduction in risks relates to health, human safety, and the environment. The Internet of things in the oil and gas sector, like in all sectors of industry, has great prospects from an economic point of view. The article is devoted to the study of the current state and avenues of solving key problems of effective and reliable functioning of the oil and gas industry as a cyber-physical system using the Internet of things in the Azerbaijani oil company SOCAR. The main technological processes and existing opportunities for the application of information technologies in the oil and gas complex are analyzed. New approaches are proposed to solve the problems in the oil and gas complex as cyber-physical system based on the smart sensors, the Internet of things, wireless networks and cloud technologies. The implementation of the proposed model is aimed at increasing the effectiveness, resource storage, exploration reliability and durability of the oil and gas complex.

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