Tanvir Ahmed

Work place: Faculty of Engineering & Technology, The Superior College (University Campus) Lahore, Pakistan

E-mail: profae2018@gmail.com

Website: https://ae.superior.edu.pk/deans-message/

Research Interests: Theoretical Computer Science, Computer systems and computational processes, Computer Science & Information Technology, Applied computer science, Human-Computer Interaction


Dr. Tanvir Ahmed is equipped with sound academics, multifaceted enriched experience, varied dimensional competencies and armory of skills. His personal and professional growth is systematic, methodological, progressive and institutionalized. The foundation of his development as a technical resource rests upon his graduate degree of Aeronautical Engineering (BE Avionics) which was further strengthened with post graduate diplomas, professional courses and a doctorate degree in Computer Sciences from the UK with specialization in Software Engineering. He also underwent six months specialist training in China to gain expertise in computer-based projects development and management. He served with candid grip on professional matters in different capacities and institutions and remained deeply involved in Computer education, computer based activities and projects. He is an experienced professional with almost 40 years of continued work in the field under the most demanding, stressful and difficult operational and environmental conditions. He is working in corporate sector Universities as Professor, HOD and Dean before joining Lahore Leads University as Professor in Computer Science Department.

Author Articles
Cloud Computing a Solution for Globalization

By Tanvir Ahmed

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5815/ijeme.2016.04.04, Pub. Date: 8 Jul. 2016

Security issues and exploded human population in the world have dictated many new trends to defend haves from have-nots and vice versa, like globalization through social media while maintaining the geographical boundaries and concept introduced under WTO (World Trade Organization)- Free trading in the world. We know that Globalization is the most significant part of this century which is based only and only upon developments in Information Technology in form of Networking and Software solutions. As business grows, multiregional offices are needed and they required networked computing and information services. For example In Pakistan, lots of offices of multinational companies are working and they are developing and enhancing their business by full filling the demand and needs of customers of the particular city or country. The demand is increasing manifold with every day passing. So huge computing and storage power is needed everywhere and to everyone at every moment which is beyond the capacity of traditional systems already in vogue. New solutions like Cloud computing seems the solution to address such multi-scaled demands. Education system nowadays is the growing business in Pakistan, in this we paper we studied in detail the Education System of Pakistan, what are the flaws of current system and how a new cloud based E-Learning solution helps to improve this system.

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