Adel Angali

Work place: Department of Computer Engineering, Liyan Institute of Education, Bushehr, Iran



Research Interests: Computer Networks


Adel Angali received his B.E. degree in computer software engineering from Lian Institute, Bushehr, Iran, and Department of Computer Engineering in 2011, and has received his M.Sc. degree in computer software engineering from of Lian Bushehr Institute, Iran, in 2021. His hobbies are Graphic Design, Computer Architecture, Computer Communications (Networks), Computer Security and Reliability, and Computer Engineering.

Author Articles
ILSHR Rumor Spreading Model by Combining SIHR and ILSR Models in Complex Networks

By Adel Angali Musa Mojarad Hassan Arfaeinia

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Dec. 2021

Rumor is an important form of social interaction. However, spreading harmful rumors can have a significant negative impact on social welfare. Therefore, it is important to examine rumor models. Rumors are often defined as unconfirmed details or descriptions of public things, events, or issues that are made and promoted through various tools. In this paper, the Ignorant-Lurker-Spreader-Hibernator-Removal (ILSHR) rumor spreading model has been developed by combining the ILSR and SIHR epidemic models. In addition to the characteristics of the lurker group of ILSR, this model also considers the characteristics of the hibernator group of the SIHR model. Due to the complexity of the complex network structure, the state transition function for each node is defined based on their degree to make the proposed model more efficient. Numerical simulations have been performed to compare the ILSHR rumor spreading model with other similar models on the Sina Weibo dataset. The results show more effective ILSHR performance with 95.83% accuracy than CSRT and SIR-IM models.

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