Umar Farouk Ibn Abdulrahman

Work place: School of Technology, Christ Apostolic University College, Kumasi-Kwadaso, Ghana



Research Interests: Machine Learning


Umar Farouk Ibn Abdulrahman is currently a Lecturer in the school of Technology at Christ Apostolic University College, Kumasi, Ghana. His current research includes Fuzzy systems and Machine Learning.

Author Articles
Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inferential Approach for the Diagnosis of Prostate Diseases

By Matthew Cobbinah Umar Farouk Ibn Abdulrahman Abaidoo Kwame Emmanuel

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Feb. 2022

In this study, Adaptive Neuro-fuzzy Inferential System (ANFIS) is adapted for diagnosing prostate diseases. The system involves generating and tuning a fuzzy inference system to handle the imprecise terms used for describing prostate cases and severity. Several diagnostic variables were used to learn the feature statistics present in a typical data, while the trained model was validated and adapted for testing new prostate cases. A total of 335 data from patients’ records were collected at the Medi Moses Prostate Centre, Kumasi Ghana. The dataset was partitioned into 70% which was used for model training, and the other 30% was utilized in the validation phase. The proposed model was implemented in the MATLAB environment. Evaluation result from the proposed system demonstrated that the system achieved an accurate diagnostic result with an RMSE value of 11%. This indicates that the system has a relatively high accuracy and could be accepted for prostate diagnosis. Furthermore, the model was able to learn well and generalize the features in the data set, making the proposed ANFIS model suitable for new cases. Performance analysis showed that the ANFIS is well suited for handling the crispy values used in prostate diagnosis; thus, it can be extensively employed in other similar areas of medical diagnosis.

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