Lei Yu

Work place: Beijing Jiaotong University/School of Traffic and Transportation, Beijing, China

E-mail: leiyu@bjtu.edu.cn


Research Interests: Engineering


Lei Yu (Beijing, 1963-), he is a consultant and scholar in the fields of urban transportation planning, travel demand forecasting, transportation environmental analysis, and ITS. He
has had extensive consulting and research experiences in the fields of environmental issues in transportation, travel demand modeling, traffic engineering, and ITS technologies.

Author Articles
Study on Optimization of Phase Offset at Adjacent Intersections

By Yuanli GU Lei Yu

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5815/ijisa.2010.01.05, Pub. Date: 8 Nov. 2010

Optimization of the phase offset at adjacent intersections is the key parameter regarding coordinated control of traffic signal for adjacent intersections, which decides the effect of the coordinated control for adjacent intersections. According to characters of saturated traffic flow of Chinese urban road, this thesis establishes a model for optimization of phase offset for adjacent interactions and finds a solution from such model by adopting genetic algorithm. The model is verified by actual traffic flow datum of two adjacent signal intersections on Changan Avenue. Then a comparison is made between the optimization result of such model and that of the existing mathematical method and SYNCHRO model, which indicates that the model established by this thesis can reduce the delay suffered by vehicles at the intersections and increase the traffic efficiency of the intersections.

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